Lateral Mood: New Data Stokes Hope for Britain’s Recovery

Lateral Mood: New Data Stokes Hope for Britain’s Recovery

We’ve all felt the mood changing over the past few weeks – and the government are only giving us more good news.

In a landmark report, conducted by the National Health Service, lateral flow tests have unassailably cemented their reputation as fast and accurate. Since early April, Britons have been able to access two free rapid lateral flow tests a week. This roll-out was designed to respond the government’s own findings that of those infected with COVID-19, one in three will not present with any symptoms. As a buffer to the vaccination programme, providing the most reliable means of early detection to break chains of transmission, this new availability of rapid testing is bound to stabilise the UK’s exit from lockdown. 

This exciting new report on the latest data coming out of the community testing scheme considers the accuracy of lateral flow tests to be at least 99.9% – that’s at least 99.9%. Indeed, its analysis concludes that it could be as high as 99.97%! To put all this another way: for every 1,000 tests administered, there is less than one false positive returned.

For all of us here at Lab Solutions, this certainly comes as no surprise. We’ve been banging this drum rather relentlessly since Britain’s first lockdown over a year ago. But these results seem to have been equally unsurprising to the Secretary for Health, Matt Hancock MP, who commented on the report, stating: ‘This new data further confirms what we know – these rapid tests are extremely accurate and are helping dramatically curb COVID cases.’

Rapid testing offers stability and safety to the British public in a time of great uncertainty. This news amplifies a rising tide of optimism which is helping more and more sectors of our society to reopen safely. For example, at the time of the report, 3,500 British businesses were receiving free lateral flow tests from the National Health Service, ensuring that workplaces are flexible and secure by breaking chains of transmission and detecting asymptomatic staff-members. A further 14,000 companies have expressed interest in the scheme and the government hopes to meet this demand as the months progress. Similarly, all children and young people in full-time education are eligible for twice-weekly testing, provided by the NHS. With schooling a known site of mass transmission, rapid testing can only have a positive effect on infection-rates.

This optimism only strengthens our resolve. So, as you continue to give out all those hugs you’ve been storing up, make sure you take a look at our range of rapid tests over at our online shop. Stay safe.

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