Lab Solutions and Systea: Revolutionizing Environmental Analysis

Lab Solutions and Systea: Revolutionizing Environmental Analysis

In the realm of laboratory-based and onsite environmental analysis in the UK and Ireland, Lab Solutions stands out as a beacon of excellence. Renowned for their state-of-the-art analytical technology, Lab Solutions has earned a stellar reputation for providing a comprehensive suite of services, including instrumentation and consumables, bespoke method development, training, maintenance contracts, and exceptional technical and after-sales support.

For the past five years, Lab Solutions has proudly represented Systea as their sole distributor across the British Isles. Systea, a global leader in the manufacturing of online and lab instrumentation, has been at the forefront since 1988, delivering precise and rapid results through multichannel continuous flow technology. Their solutions are diverse, catering to a wide range of environmental applications, from ensuring the purity of drinking water to monitoring soil samples.


Laboratory Water Analysers:

Systea's highly acclaimed range of laboratory water analyzers, exclusively available through Lab Solutions in the UK and Ireland, addresses the needs of automatic and reliable routine analysis. These analyzers cover a broad spectrum of inorganic compounds in water and water extracts, including ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate, silicates, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total dissolved iron, chromium, aluminium, manganese, copper, nickel, zinc, alkalinity, hardness, sulphate, residual chlorine, chloride, calcium, magnesium, boron, as well as specific organic compounds like cyanide, phenols, urea, and TOCs.

In conclusion, Lab Solutions and Systea's partnership brings forth a revolution in environmental analysis, providing cutting-edge solutions that empower laboratories and environmental monitoring entities to achieve unprecedented precision and efficiency in their endeavors. The integration of Systea's advanced instrumentation with Lab Solutions' commitment to service excellence creates a synergy that sets new standards in the field of environmental analysis.


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