Flowsys III Cyanide Analyser

The Flowsys III from Systea with touch screen accessibility provides a user friendly and low maintenance solution for accurate analysis of total cyanide levels in water waste samples.
Systea S.p.A

About Systea

Specialists in Segmented and discreet flow analysis Systea have supplied Laboratory analysers worldwide into the Water, Agrochemical,Petrochemical, Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Medical sectors since 1988. Their instruments are manufactured to meet agreed ISO, ASTM and international standards.
The machines

Flowsys III

Continuous flow analysis

Low reagent consumption
Reagent consumption of only a few millilitres per analysis gives a uniquely cost-effective option

Simple method changeover
Cassette type chemistries allow speedy, efficient and reliable method transfer

Touch screen control
Allows users to access screens simply and effectively without the need for computer access

Cutting edge segmentation

 Flowsys III from Systea S.p.A is an indirect reading, continuous flow analyser. The system integrates cutting edge segmentation technology for modular sample preperation and handling, performing routine analysis with dependable repeatability.
optimisation with dual speed pumps
concurrent channels
The machines

EasyChem 200

The most reliable water analysers on the market.

Adjustable parameters
Efficient, costs effective, robust, tried and tested.

Reagent consumption
Duality control labs

Cost effective
Environmental and agrochemical monitoring

200 tests per hour

The EasyChem 200 is hailed as one of the most reliable, efficient and versatile automated analysers on the market, Not only is the system capable of perfirnung direct readings at a remarkable rate of two-hundred tests per hour, but the EasyChem 200 also offers adjustable parameters for each and every sample. With reagent consumption of only a few millilitres per analysis, the Easy Chem 200 is uniquely placed to offer a cost-effective option for discreet analysis in the modern laboratory.