New Method for Cyanide in Wastewater Nominated for Award at WWEM 2022

New Method for Cyanide in Wastewater Nominated for Award at WWEM 2022

At this year’s Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) conference in Telford, a number of awards were given out for excellence in various aspects of water monitoring. To learn a little more about their products, partnerships and why they came to WWEM, EnvirotechOnline took a walk around the exhibition floor to talk to some of the nominees. 

On one of the days of the show, we spoke to Keith Thomas, Managing Director of Lab Solutions, and Niccoló Savino, Technical Specialist for Systea, about their collaboration on a new method for the analysis of cyanide in wastewater, which was nominated for WWEM 2022’s Best Supplier and End-User Partnership. 

NS: “We started our partnership about two years ago, when Systea were trying to enter the fast-growing and ever-changing cyanide market. Our partnership has produced a new method for cyanide in wastewater that uses non-toxic reagent chemistry, one of the many benefits of which is that the waste-products neutralise each other, making it really easy to dispose of this non-toxic waste. Further, it’s more precise than colorimetry. We’re really confident that, in the future, this will become the norm.” 

KT: “I’d agree. Our collaboration with Systea has really blossomed over the past two years. It’s a unique partnership, both firms have great technical expertise and we’ve managed to work on a project that is going to change the way that you analyse cyanide in the water industry. An additional point to what’s been explained by Niccoló, the collection of samples has been changed in our method. Instead of the traditional ascorbic acid, our method uses bisulfate. So: an interesting collaboration, we’re happy to work with Systea.” 

Later, we asked Keith about the benefits of exhibiting at WWEM 2022. 

KT: “We came to WWEM 2022 because it’s one of the most unique exhibitions for putting technical experts, suppliers and key decision-makers together. As a result, it allows us to collaborate freely on lots of different projects.” 

In 2024, WWEM will return bigger and better, graduating to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. For information on exhibiting at WWEM 2024, click here

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